Wayanad Trip

The winding roads of Wayanad trip are seductively captivating. An ideal place for anyone seeking solace and relaxing time off- Wayanad is the place to go.

Natural yet modern

Wayanad is untouched by modernization and original to its real form. From the fall of a leaf to the chirping of the birds to the grazing of the elephants- everything takes place as the cycle of life is meant to. This beautiful circle of life is worth a visit. The sanctity of Wayanad is well preserved. The steep u-pin curves while driving will give you Goosebumps. The chillness in the air is absolutely refreshing. The attractive green plantations seem to invite you. The travelling mist seems to play hide and seek.

Treks, hikes, peak climbs

Trekking or hiking through the winding rugged roads is the sought-after activity by adventure travelers. leading to the hills make for a perfect journey for couples to spend time with each other. The scenic landscapes make the hike to the peak exciting. You will feel energized. Trek down to the Edakkal caves at Ambukutty Mala is the best. The dispositioning of three strange boulders makes this historically important cave a place worth visiting.

Romancing nature

The green meadows of the valley, mist capped mountains, blue water lakes- make the leisure travel exciting. From boating facilities in Pookot Lake to sightseeing at Vythiri. The boating experience here is different because of the scenic beauty of the surroundings.

The falls

Head to the falls of Wayanad. Soochipara falls and Meenmutty Falls are the most sought after destinations in Wayanad. It is an ideal destination to visit with kids.

Village visit exciting, rejuvenating

Rural tour in Wayanad is perfect for that unique holiday experience. Staying with the tribal’ s of the villages and living their life and lifestyle is the best way to spend time away from modern amenities.

Away from the madness of the city, the countryside in Wayanad is well equipped with basic facilities. You will find your stay comfortable with electricity, natural means to ward off insects, toilets, small health clinic etc. available.

Unique stay

Wayanad offers unique stay options in plenty. You can Stay in tree houses or enjoy a breakfast watching the meadows running through the resorts. From dining experience to touring Wayanad is a heavenly place to visit.

Visit Wayanad for that exciting and rejuvenating holiday experience. Witness nature and its creation well protected in the surroundings of Wayanad. Experience bliss and take back memories.