Edakkal caves Wayanad

Wayanad has to a lot to offer to its tourists more than picturesque landscape and scenic views. Wayand has some of the best trek trails to kindle the adrenaline for an outdoor enthusiast. Ambukuthy hill near Ambalavyal town is home to the neolithic cave  site of Edakkal. The trek to Edakkal caves Wayanadis extremely enchanting.

Reaching the destination is not any less interesting in any ways. The etchings seen on the caves walls are instant attention grabbers. Its not a surpise that these etchings are serious representation of history and have attracted the attention of archaeologists nd historians from all around the world.

Edakkal caves Wayanad

Some of the petroglyphs seem to date back to 3000 years prior and the caves show significant signs to state that it was inhabited in different time frames by who ever occupied it. Historians and archaeoogists believe there is more to explore and understand about the petroglyphs and it would suffice to say that they certainly raise a lot of curiosity.

Edakkal caves around it in close vicinity has a telescope centre for tourists to enjoy a panoramic view of the surrounding region.  The telescope is a DTPC initiative to make the destination to the cave an interesting one for tourists.

Closely accessible from Kalpetta and Sulthan Batheri, the trip to the caves and visiting times are 9:00am to 4:00 pm. Tourists are not permitted on mondays to visit the cave. Edakkal caves are a must see in Wayanad tour package.