palchuram wayanad

Palchuram Wayanad Located 24 kilometers from Iritty in Kannur the Palchuram falls is a four step waterfall averaging a height of 300 metres. The largest and dauntingly beautiful Palchuram falls makes for the largest fall in Wayanad. The road from Kannur to Wayanad through Kottiyoor, approximately a 2km drive makes the travel  mesmerising.

Tourist and travellers cannot ask for more, as the green winding hill road and its natural picturesque beauty is absolutely breathtaking. As the Meenmutty falls the Palchuram falls too have a perilous trek track that can be extremely tiring. The trek track is definitely not for the faint hearted and for those determined to show off their prowess the Palchuram fall is the ultimate reward on completing the trek destination.

Palchuram Wayanad | Palchuram water falls Wayanad

Palchuram is a new road opened from Wayanad towards Kottiyoor. The dangerous pin bends at Palchuram are absolutely nerve racking for a novice mountain driver and, on the other hand, an absolute gush of adrenaline rush for the experienced driver.

During the monsoon season Palchurams scenic beauty. There are so many beautiful view points from where you can look down the valley and get goosebumps and chills. The view of the mountains resembling snow clad mountains, the mist and the chill weather add to the area and its exotic beauty.

The small streams of water forming mini falls add to the beauty of the region. Despite being a narrow road, Palchuram is well connected to many parts of Kannur district. The place is infested with Leeches during the rainy season as much as it  is a gory sight to watch these creepy leeches its a different experience altogether.

On the way to the waterfall trekkers can find Areca nut plantations. These thick evergreen forests make for a wonderful sight seeing. Palchuram falls and the leading forests are a must visit for regular travellers, vacationer and trekkers. The forests might  be home to wild animals, but no citations of their existence have been seen yet, hence adequate precautions are recommended.  Palchuram is a definite place to visit in Wayanad tour package.