Sultan Bathery Jain temple

Sulthan Bathery jain temple holds a lot of significance both in terms of religion and the strong presence of Jains during the period of Sulthan. Though the temple remains in ruins today it makes for a major attraction amongst tourist. Considered of high importance, the temple holds a lot of monumental importance.

Sultan Bathery Jain temple

Historians believe the temple was built during the 13th century and attracted hindus whoo vited the shrine for daily worship and festivals. The temple back in the age also served as a commercial centre for important trades. Invariably the temple became a store house for ammunitions that the army personnel of Tipu Sultan made use of.

Approximately 24kms from Kalpetta and 41 kms Manathavady, the temple is open to visitors between 9:00am to 6:00pm.  Sulthan Bathery jain temple makes for prominent place to visit in Wayand tour package.

Previously known as Sultan's Bathery, Sulthan Bathery gets its name from Tipu Sulthan of Mysore who used the temple as his battery during the 18th century. The town was part of Kidanganadu and got the name becasue of the tribals Kidangans from whom the Malayalam name Sulthan Bathery came into existence. The town being the largest town in Wayanad district lies on the Kozhikode- Kollegal national highway.

The Bathery is siotuted about 930 metres above sea level. The hills across the horizon make for a splendid sight. The Sulthan Bathery Jain Temple offers such beautiful locale that it makes for a quick getaway especially for most IT professionals from the neighbouring sillicon city.