pakshipathalam Wayanad

Pakshipathalam wayanad is 7 km northeast of Thirunelli town and 39 Km from Mananthavady. Pakshipathalam - the name of the place refers to the richness of fauna here. The forests, steep hills together offer exigent routes for trekking..

It is a cluster of gigantic rocks, some of which are as big as a 2 storied structure. The caves found in the large rocks wide enough for traveler to enter and experience the calmness were the abode of monks (rishies) who used to meditate there for lingering years. The cave has become a major attraction for tourists

This cave is prosperous with exceptional genus of flora and affords refuge for a wild range of beautiful birds. Here virgin forests, streams and steep hills together offer challenging spot for hill climbers and trekkers.

Pakshipaathaalam wayanad

Pakshipathalam, 1740m above sea level in the Brahmagiri hills at Thirunelli, is a challenging tourist spot for any adventure seeking tourist. Pakshipathalam is quite unique as it lies in the Brahmagiri hills on the border of Kerala & Karnataka. Pakshipatalam & Brahmagiri peak both lie in the Brahmagiri hills range. One part of the hills in Kerala lies in the Begur range of Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary and the Srimangala range in Karnataka. On the Karnataka side Pakshipathalam is also known by the name of Munekal caves.

You can trek through the Kerala border, cross into Karnataka border for about 2kms and then cross back into the Kerala border. For miles together there are no border posts but there are regular border patrolling teams from both states. One can clearly see 2 lines (clear path) running parallel to each other all over the grassland area & hillocks clearly demarcating the border.

The trekking starts from North Wayanad Forest Division. From there within half an hour you can reach Watch Tower the first point. The Kerala Karnataka border is in 2 km distance from the watchtower. Though Pakshipathalam situated in Kerala, we can reach there only through Karnataka. The landmark after the watchtower is Pancharathodu, which is 2 km away from Kerala Karnataka border. Pakshipathalam is just half km away for Pancharathodu. The trekking is for total 7.5 km, which can be completed with approximately three and half hours.

Tips for the trekkers are always maintain silence during trekking and do follow the instructions of the guide. Always better to carry a first aid kit with needed medicines. It is strictly prohibited to use plastic bottles and kits. The Trekkers should keep in mind that they are not disturbing the birds and animals while entering their dwelling. Make use of jungle boots for trekking to save from leaches, also rub a mixture of tobacco and mustard oil in legs. Carry tobacco and salt separately .If leach bites you, don't try to pull them off. Just pour salt or tobacco over them. Carry a battery torch with enough batteries. Liquor and cigarettes are strictly prohibited in the area. If there are mists covering your view, continue the trekking only after it depletes.

Altogether, Pakshipathalam visit will make memorable day.