Thirunelly temple Wayanad

Referred to as the Kashi of South the Thirunelli temple holds a significant importance to Hindus who believe that this legendary temple was Lord Brahmas dedication to propitiate its preserver Lord Vishnu. Wayanad is a storehouse of temples and shrines. Some intact and some in ruins. No matter how they appear they make for major pilgrimage as well as attraction for tourists and pilgrims from all around the world making Wayand tour a holistsic one.


Thirunelli Temple

The Thirunelli temple is situated amidst the dense forests and mountains. The temple is situated near a river. Teh setting nd loction of the temple represents the ancient architectural style of temples in Kerala. Besides pilgrims who come to worship nd offer their prayers, it is not a surprise to stumble on asiring architects or enthusiasts stdying the intricate structural layout of the temple.

Teh idol seated in the temple resembles chaturbhuja. Teh temple carries out several ancestral rites and is seen flooded with pilgrims and worshippers during itsĀ  two prime festivals held during April and September.

Seated in the mountains teh distance from Kalpetta and Sulthan Bthery is approximately 64-70 kms. Despite its location and the time required to travel tourists and worshippers make it a point to visit the temple afterall the ancient temple makes for an important pitstop in Wayanda tour package.