chain tree Wayanad

Wayanads pristine beauty is an attraction for tourists from different parts of the world. In addition to several attraction in its hndhold Wayand has several mythological stories and tell tales attched to most places that remain prime visiting spots in present time. Chain tree wayanad one of the major mythological tourist centre in Wayanad.

Kalpetta, Sulthan Bathery and Manathavadi re the priome plces from where you can head to Wayand to watch the storehouse of several ancient mythological attraction and one of teh prominent ones being the Chain tree.

The fact of chain tree Wayanad

The chain tree Wayanad is actually a giant Ficus tree. Teh tree is bound by a chain. The reason the tree remains bound invlves a haunted story that can give any tourists the creeps. It is believed taht a young tribal man Karinthanadan had played a key role in asissting a British engineer to find his path through the tough mountainous terrains of Wayand.

Chain tree wayanad

However onc the job was done the gred of fame overshadowed the engineers thinking and in order to claim all the credit kills the tribal guide. Ever since the tribal mans soul lingered around the tree wreakinbg havoc on all travellers passing by.  Teh troubled spirit however was bound to the tree by a priest later and till date the myth about the chain tree remains alive. The chain still is in existence and tourists dont really dare to touch the chain but sure do make a brave attempt to visit the chain tree.

The Mith

The myth or legendary story surrounding the chain tree has earned the interests of both the believers and non-believers, while some visit the tree to have a glimpse with a nerve of fear while the others to silently mock the superstition of haunted evils and it being chained to the tree. Eitherays the chaintree has earned a lot of fame with the story surrounind its existence and has become an important place of visit in Wayanad tour package.