Pookode Lake Wayanad

Nested amidst the picturesques evergreen forests and mountainous terrain is a fresh water lake- The Pookode Lake Wayanad. Amazing scenic beauty, intanst refreshment and mindcalming view of the lake with its surrounding addint ot its appearance make the Pookode lake a favorite destination to head to for travellers visiting Wayanad in Kerala tour package.

The Panamaram rivulet that flows down to join and become the Kabani river starts from the Pookode lake. With adepth of approximately 6.5 metres the lake  is vast and occupies hectares of forest. The lake has made Vythiri the nearest town a prominent place to search on the maps.

Pookode Lake Wayanad

The Pookode lake is a popular tourist destination and attracts several visitors towards its pristine beauty. Interestingly the lake is in the shape of teh Indian map which makkes it a visually spectacular. The lake being one of its kind in entire Kerala is also home to the cyprinid fish found only in the Pookode lake. While most lakes have pink lotus that appeals to the eye, imagine what blue lotus could do! Pookode lake has a beautiful spread of blue lotus. Even better the surrounding forest has  a spread of blue water  lilies in swatches scattered here and there.

Lakes are in many tourist destinations but what sets apart Pookode lake is its uniqueness of everything- its water, the surrounding hillocks, its shape, the lotus colour and the natural setting ll contribute to its beauty and justify the reason to why people get lured towards it.

Pookode lake has more to offer. Being maintained under the OSuth Wayanad forest division, the surrunding area has a childrens park for tourists to indulge in some leisure while children can have some fun. Handicrafts and spice emporiums ffer you options for souvenir purchases. Fresh water aquarium is an added attraction at Pookode lake.

Pookode lake resorts and other hotels in the vicinity make for a comfortable stay for tourists. Tourists and local visitors can make use of pedal boats, row boats, kayakking and more at different price. Teh boat rides and aquarium visits are nominally priced. Reachable easily from Kalpetta Pookode lake is a must visit in Wayanad tour package.