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  • Wayanads farm and eco-tourism

    Wayanad farm tourism
    Farm tourism goes hand in hand with eco-tourism however there remains a difference in the two. Eco tourism includes a lot of manmade or artificially created landscapes and on the other hand farm tourism is showcasing the original spread of nature’s greenery, water and mountains in its pristine form. Hence artificially created ponds and landscapes as opposed to natural meadows, fields and lakes differentiate eco and farm tourism.

    Wayanad is a prime destination where you can savor nature in its true form. Farm tourism in Wayanad will take you to world of absolute fantasy..... Read more..........
  • Wildlife and eco-tourism in Wayanad

    Wayanad wildlife tourism

    A bio diverse land, Wayanad wildlife sanctuary is by far rich in rare   species of flora and fauna. It is prime portion of the Nilgiri biosphere reserve. The reserve also holds a lot of lot of historical importance as this is where the great king Pazhassi Raja fought against the British bravely.

    Spreading across four ranges – Sultan Bathery, Muthanga, Tholpetty and Kurichiat Wayanad wildlife sanctuary has a vast spread of approximately 345 square kilometer.  The Sanctuary is rich with it flora and fauna inhabitants..... Read more.........
  • Wayanad Village tour- Sugandagiri & Karimkutty

    Wayanad village tour
    Wayanads natural and beautiful facade has captivated the minds of many travelers who’ve decided to take the road not taken to its mystery laden lands. There is so muchto explore and relish that you would need to spend enormous amount of time to learn and savor every moment and object of beauty at Wayanad.

    Besides its beautiful waterfalls, trek trails, towering mountains, emerald green tea estates, coffee plantations, misty  mornings, chilly winds so on and so forth Wayanad also houses villages that are a journey either to an aromatic land or to the land of soul filled with deep rooted culture and tradition.... Read more..........
  • Wayanad tourism attractions

    Wayanad tourism attractions
    The winding roads leading to Wayanad, the steep hair pin bends, the lush greenery of the tea estates, the chasing mist, chillness in the air, tall standing trees spread like a canopy, the myriad natural attractions of Wayanad so on and so forth are all so captivating that you will feel shear bliss when you plan a trip to Wayanad, a glorious place that Gods own country houses in its belly.

    Ideal for a honeymoon trip or and adventure tour, Wayand has so much to offer that you can just plan and all the places of attraction, excitement and adventure will just unfurl for you to visit and savor the natural beauty of.... Read more.......
  • Trip to Wayanad

    Wayanad tourism attractions
    Known as Mayakshetra- Mayas land according to the earlier records Wayanad came to be called so after it was initially referred as Mayanad.The region received the name from the vast spread of paddy field and land hence Wayanad is often referred to as the land of Paddy fields. 

    Home to several tribal Wayanad is the least populated area. It’s the lesser amount of population that has helped the region of Wayanad maintain its original glory. Everything you see in Wayanad is natural and true to its original form. Even the tribals except for receiving basic modern day education.... Read more....
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