wayanad tour packages

Wayanad is a holiday destination that offers exquisite options to stay for your wayanad tour packages. You have so many options to choose from. From resorts, tree houses, island retreats to mystical stay – you will be spoilt with choice. There is something for everyone planning to visit and experience a unique stay in Wayanad

Rural tour

    • True to nature the rural tour in Wayanad is for couples seeking a unique honeymoon experience. Staying with the tribal’ s of the villages and living their life and lifestyle is like trying to live life on the edge.
    • You might not have the modern-day facilities and hustle and bustle of a city life but the countryside in Wayanad is well equipped with basic facilities like – electricity, natural means to ward off insects, toilets, small health clinic etc.
    • You learn the culture of the locals or the tribes and make friends with a newer section of the society. Your honeymoon is meaningful because you help the less privileged villagers by encouraging them to take care of you with their style of living which is special for them, thereby promoting responsible tourism.

Unique Stay

Wayanad offers unique stay experience. Stay in tree houses and watch the meadows running through the resorts. It is a sight to relish. Face the picturesque landscape and enjoy the water fall view while dining so on and so forth, a romantic honeymoon in Wayanad is certainly an experience that will leave you with a lifelong impression of natural beauty and sophistication

Nature resorts

Nature resorts are the most sought after option in Wayanad if you want to experience a pleasant exciting stay. You will find resorts surrounded by lush green paddy field that will appear like an oasis. Most resorts have been developed to offer home like comfort without hampering nature in any form.

Coupled with adventure, touch of nature and modern convenience- the nature resorts in Wayanad are an absolute treat to spend a relaxing weekend.

Forest Range
Periyar forest range will offer you unusual features bundled together in your unique stay.

Places to stay are set up at an elevation of 3000 feet with unseen collection of ferns, herbs, orchids, etc. Imagine staying at such an elevation and enjoying the view of birds flying, whispering, butterflies fluttering by and rare insects paying you a visit.

Cycling resorts

For an adventure enthusiast cycling resorts are available in Wayanad. Cycling resorts have proven to be a gateway for international travelers and adventure seeing Indian travelers. Panoramic view while you cycle away exploring Wayanad makes the experience unique.

Island retreats

You will be spoiled with options to stay in and around the island. Wayanad’s island retreat is the most sought after option by many tourists. Verdant greenery, mist clad mountains and sparkling river pave way for the most relaxing experience.